About Us

We are a new venue offering quality  small group  fitness  classes outside of a traditional Gym setting.

At Studio24 we believe in the power of fitness and wellness to transform lives . We offer  classes suitable for all fitness levels  , so re/start your fitness journey with us today.

Our Classes 

Below is a description and benefits of the main classes we offer. All our classes are delivered by highly qualified and experienced instructors  and we endeavour to create a friendly and encouraging atmosphere to enable you to achieve your fitness goals.



RT24 Power  is a 24 min workout  suitable for all fitness levels , it uses  functional Movements with  a simple weight plate to achieve muscle fatigue,In this  state the muscles will grow   resulting in improved bone strength , calorie burn and weight loss.

High intensity resistance training-all the benefits of HIIT with more focus on building strength - HIRT Training benefits include, building muscle, improving bone strength,weight loss.

RT24 Burn is a 24 minute workout where you will work at high intensity in short interval periods. The structure of each class will vary but each class is designed to target every major muscle group so you are getting a Full Body Workout  every time.Each class will only ever be based on body weight Exercises, so no equipment is used.

HIIT training leads to greater EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) when compared to continuous exercise. This means that after you have finished exercising, your body will continue to burn calories at a higher rate than normal.

RT45 MOVE (Circuits)& SUMMER FIT

Our bespoke exercise  class suitable for all fitness levels targeting strength and cardio.This  45 minute  class offers a full body workout improving heart health and strength and muscle growth.You won't be bored with RT45 MOVE, This is a circuit class getting your heart rate up and strengthening muscles with a variety of exercises, this will  maximise the calorie burn in every session.It improves muscle tone and aerobic fitness within a 45 min time window

Our Summer Fit Circuit class,  is designed to tone your body and boost your fitness just in time for those beach days and outdoor adventures! This  full-body workout is crafted to target every muscle group, burn calories, and leave you feeling strong, toned, and ready to conquer the summer.



Foreverfit- Our bespoke exercise  class specifically for over 60's .This  class offers a full body workout  using a variety of age appropriate exercises improving heart health , strength and muscle growth.

Bounceback- A specially curated class designed to help new mums regain their strength and fitness post-baby. Led by our  experienced and highly qualified instructor, we'll ensure you receive the best quality instruction tailored to your body's needs.


 Kettlebells- 6 week  progressive block  coached by experienced Jonny Whiteman, using kettlebells to achieve a total body workout.This class improves core strength and stability ,improves co ordination and mobility and adds  variety to your training.

Pilates- instructed by Sharon kernohan, Matwork Pilates enhances core strength, flexibility, and posture. It tones muscles without adding bulk and reduces stress through controlled movements and breathing. Ideal for all fitness levels, it alleviates, improves balance and coordination, and promotes overall functional fitness with a low risk of injury.


Why choose us

• Professional Staff.

• Quality training to meet your needs.

• Friendly environment.

• Additional Services.

Start your fitness journey with us today.

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